Accumulation of black mass from the recycling process of a lithium battery
Your one-stop shop for Li battery recycling
Rethinking recycling: a holistic approach for lithium-ion batteries

For example, we are establishing a unique holistic recycling solution for lithium-ion batteries for manufacturers of electrically powered vehicles, tools or battery storage systems. Our innovative offer comprises flexible logistics services, deep discharging and dismantling of the batteries as well as storage and recycling processes for the extraction of black mass.

Our approach of offering all processes from a single source makes it easier for our customers to reliably and transparently dispose of the batteries they put on the market.

The benefits of our sustainable recycling concept
Truck transporting recyclable lithium-ion batteries
Battery logistics

•    Logistics hubs close to our customers
•    Preparation of all transport documents and documentation
•    Container management also for critical batteries

Close-up view of the shredding of a battery by a rotor shear
State-of-the-art technology

•    Efficient processes for dismantling, discharging  and  storageing
•    Thermomechanical recycling according to latest standards
•    High-quality recyclates for battery production

Solar panel array in a wind turbine
Sustainable thanks to green energy

•    CO2-optimized recycling processes
•    Utilization of the energy from the discharging process
•    Connection to local wind farms
•    On-site photovoltaic system 

Aerial view of a road layout in a forest

“Our holistic approach gives us operational leeway to contribute substantially to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the manufacture of high-performance batteries and power storage systems, including for electromobility.”

Christoph Spandau, CEO

Target industries and partners
Industrial plant of a battery producer
Distributors of lithium batteries

Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor, whether you are from the automotive, tooling, battery or micromobility industry: As an experienced and reliable partner, we will take care of the professional recycling of lithium batteries for you. Everything from a single source – from logistics to pre-treatment through to the efficient recycling process. 

Recyclers of ferrous and non-ferrous secondary raw materials

In our recycling process, up to 96% percent of the battery materials is recycled. Through the separation of ferrous and non-ferrous material as well as fine separation, we extract secondary raw material such as steel, aluminum, copper and plastics for recycling. 

Recyclers of black mass

The result of our recycling process is valuable black mass, which, depending on the cell chemistry, contains nickel, manganese, cobalt, lithium and graphite and is a supplier of important secondary raw materials for battery production and thus contributes to resource conservation.